Alberta teens have smoked cigarettes today...
Alberta youth aged 12-19 smoke 530,000 cigarettes every day. Here's how you can help prevent youth smoking in Alberta.
Contact your MLA in favour of strong new tobacco laws for Alberta.

Possible points to make in your message...

  • Tobacco sales to minors should be regulated just as strictly as alcohol sales to minors. Just like liquor stores, stores that sell tobacco should have to get a license and face the risk of losing their license if they get caught selling to kids.
  • Alberta kids deserve first-class protection from tobacco industry products. We cannot stand by and allow this unscrupulous industry to target youth.
  • Tobacco taxes are the single most effective means of reducing tobacco use—especially among youth. Alberta's experience demonstrates that higher tobacco taxes contribute to lower smoking rates.
  • Alberta has the most affordable cigarettes in Canada due to lower taxes and relatively high wages compared to other provinces.
  • Waterpipe smoking should not be allowed in public establishments. Secondhand smoke from waterpipes is just as toxic as secondhand smoke from cigarettes. No one should be forced to breathe secondhand smoke in public establishments.

Alberta youth deserve first class protection from tobacco industry products. Ask your MLA to ensure Alberta has the strongest policies in Canada to keep kids tobacco-free for life.

The Alberta Government enacted some progressive tobacco policies last year, but failed to address the following items:
  • The latest tobacco tax increase was not sufficient to reduce youth smoking. Alberta still has the most affordable tobacco in Canada.
  • Retail tobacco sales to minors were not adequately addressed. Tobacco sales to minors should be restricted just like liquor sales to minors. Waterpipe smoking is still allowed in public establishments.

As our new government begins setting priorities, let them know that tobacco control matters to Albertans. Ask your MLA to address these policy gaps without delay and provide Alberta kids with first-class protection from tobacco industry products.

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Send a message to your MLA

Alberta kids deserve first class protection from tobacco and you can make a difference.  Please contact your MLA to express your support for stronger legislation to keep kids tobacco-free for life.  Our political leaders need further motivation and your voice must be heard.  Let your MLA know that you want immediate action to protect kids including a ban on flavoured tobacco products, further restrictions on tobacco sales to minors, and more smoke-free spaces for kids.

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