Alberta teens have smoked cigarettes today...
Alberta youth aged 12-19 smoke 530,000 cigarettes every day. Here's how you can help prevent youth smoking in Alberta.
Keep Kids Tobacco Free

Alberta’s youth smoking rate is disturbingly high and we have one of the highest youth smoking rates in the country. While our government has made great strides in reducing overall tobacco use in Alberta, we are falling short of our benchmarks for youth tobacco reduction. We are also falling behind the rest of the country in innovative policy measures to help protect kids from the ravages of tobacco use.
Help us make a difference to better protect our kids.


Did You Know?..

  • Tobacco companies continue to target youth with price discounts, candy flavourings, attractive packaging and slim cigarettes.
  • Spit tobacco is not labelled or regulated to the same standard as other tobacco products and contains candy flavours that appeal to youth.
  • Alberta is the only Canadian jurisdiction that does not supplement federal policies to further curtail tobacco sales to minors.
  • Tobacco in Alberta is more affordable to youth than it is in almost every other province.
  • The Government of Alberta must continue to move forward and proclaim Bill 33 in order to protect kids from exposure to secondhand smoke in cars.

Get Involved

Our provincial government has the ability to act on all of these issues, but they need to hear your voice to provide further motivation for action.

Please join us and send a message that we need immediate action to protect our kids.


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