Alberta teens have smoked cigarettes today...
Alberta youth aged 12-19 smoke 530,000 cigarettes every day. Here's how you can help prevent youth smoking in Alberta.
Recent Policy Successes


Thanks to your support, we are achieving many milestones in the protection of Alberta youth from the dangers of tobacco use.  Here are some areas where we have had recent success in advocating for public policy:

Flavoured Tobacco


In recent years, tobacco companies have flooded the market with a wide range of candy and fruit flavoured tobacco products that appeal to youth. In order to deal with the significant increase in youth use of flavoured tobacco products, the federal government amended the federal Tobacco Act in 2009 to ban selected flavoured tobacco products. However the legislation was far from comprehensive and the tobacco industry has found ways to take advantage of loopholes within legislation in order to continue targeting youth with products only slightly altered from those that were banned.

In November 2014, the Alberta Legislative Assembly proclaimed Bill 206 which included a ban on flavourings in tobacco products. Bill 206 came into effect on June 01, 2015. This legislation is a significant victory in the protection of children from tobacco uptake and addiction.

Originially, menthol was exempt from the ban, which was a significant concern; however, on May 31, 2015, the new NDP majority government announced that they would reverse the menthol exemption.  Menthol will be included in the ban as of September 2015.


Smoke Free Vehicles Carrying Children

Exposure to second-hand smoke in the confined space of a vehicle is particularly dangerous since secondhand smoke levels (from a single cigarette) can exceed concentrations previously found in the smokiest bars and restaurants.

In December 2014, the Alberta Legislative Assembly proclaimed Bill 33 which prohibited smoking in any vehicle carrying children (under the age of 18). Bill 33 came into effect in November 2014.

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